Kris Tollefson and Patricia French always had an interest in starting a small business, but found themselves anxious about following their passions. “It’s now or never,” they said, “So we took the leap, and never looked back.” 

Tollefson and French’s business, The French Press, is a restaurant, bakery, and catering company. 

How SCORE Helped: 

The partners turned to SCORE when they desired input from someone who had put in time in business. They met with volunteer mentor Tom Lindgren, who has asked questions to guide the business through launch and growth. “We’ve talked with Tom off and on over the past four years,” Tollefson and French say. 

My Successes: 

The French Press has increased revenue, is debt free, and “has grown faster than projected,” Tollefon and French report. Most of all, they’re having fun.

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